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...I love you... does that change anything about me?

Ethan is there for friend! Ethan will always be there for friend whenever she needs him! Ethan promises!
Ethan learned things from friend. Ethan is really happy! ...Is friend happy too?

I... have something to tell you.. I love... yo... yogurt! I love yogurt! Y-yeah!

<Nope. c: >

Lalalalalala~ Sing with me! Please?
[Best Friends]

Hey, Rival! Can you loosen up a little? You seem a bit... I dunno... grumpy. Please loosen up, Ri! Please?

You guys are okay.

I'maguy. I guess some of my fears are kinda weird...

Are you a friend? Or a foe? Will you hurt me?

<None yet>

Please try to stop the darkness in your heart! I don't wanna dislike you like I do!

<None yet>

Mooou... you must be truly evil...

<None yet>


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"Tomorrow will be better than today, only if you let it. You have to fight for happiness, I'm well aware, and that's why I fight! I fight for my love, I fight against my fears, I fight against pain and anger and hatred, and I fight for my right for happiness!"

"I'm a cute child!"

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Crystal Clear Tears...
Ethan is Currently: Worrying for Juni.
Admin is Currently: Hoping not to get distracted.
Ethan is Feeling: Oddly happy...
Admin is Feeling: Scared.

Ethan is a fifteen year old Pokemon trainer. He was the Champion of Johto, before Hibiki, his older self, defeated him and earned the title. Ethan has not been able to defeat Red, but he has attempted to battle the older boy.

Ethan has a twin brother in Gold. He lives with his brother and his mother in a house on the outskirts of New Bark Town. His father died during the war in Kanto (referenced by Lt. Surge), and that's when the two moved to Johto. Ethan does not remember his father or the war, as he was only three when the man died.

When Ethan was ten, he started his Pokemon journey. It was basically the same as Hibiki's, except he ran into Kamon a bit more than Hibiki. He defeated the league of Johto, got all eight of the Kanto gym badges, but has not beaten Red, as mentioned before. Occasionally Ethan will go to the top of the mountain to talk to Red, but he honestly finds it unbearably cold there.

Ethan likes to talk and mess around with Kamon and Lyra. He's a very playful, childish and innocent teenager. He really likes to joke around, but sometimes he can accidentally hit a nerve with some people. He doesn't mean to hurt anyone by it. Honestly, he just wants to have fun with his friends.

Ethan has these six Pokemon in his party: a Feraligatr, Ampharos, Togetic, Venusaur, Ho-oh and Espeon. They all of these nicknames respectively: Termigatr, Lumina, Mirage, Venderendi, Fawkes and Esp.

Ethan sometimes feels lonely and lost, even when around others. He has a secret he is not willing to share, and nor will he, ever. At least, it's not likely. If Ethan really trusts you, and I mean REALLY trusts you, he may tell you. But most people don't even know he is hiding something...

Actually, that one thing is not the only thing Ethan is hiding. He's also hiding something else, but it's more obvious than the first one. At least, I think it is. After all, it could be the other way around for you.

While Ethan is the younger twin, he is also the taller. It often leads people to believe that he is the older twin/sibling. Gold sometimes gets angry at this, but mostly doesn't mind. Sometimes Ethan does get reminders that he is the younger, from Gold.

Sometimes Ethan can be an awkward boy. He's not the best at getting out of awkward situations. He's also a horrible liar, but he is really good at keeping secrets. Anything you tell him can be kept a secret if you want it to be.

Ethan enjoys making new friends, and likes to keep them with him as long as possible. He hates losing friends. He will even change things about himself so he can still be friends with someone. Of course, he prefers to be himself, and if he feels that people want to be friends with a person that is nothing like him, Ethan won't bother.

Ethan will block out any perverted comments from his mind. Somehow, his brain censors everything dirty and wrongful, and, if possible, will put it into a non-perverted light.

Ethan loves the Pokéathlon, but is not as good as Gold in it. Ethan occasionally has no confidence in his abilities and will pull out of the competition at the last minute. This often times embarrasses him.

Ethan has looked up to Red ever since he was little, but he tries to refrain from mentioning the said boy around Kamon, because he knows about Kamon's past, and knows how much his redheaded rival hates the Kanto champion.

Is there anything else...?
Maybe not...?

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